How much does a website design cost in Canada?

My base website package, which includes everything most small businesses need, starts at $1147.00 CDN + HST. 


What platform do you use to build the websites?

Currently, the platform I use most is Wix. I use Wix because it is very user-friendly and easy for small business owners to make simple changes and updates to their site without having to pay a web developer or contractor like me. But I don't recommend Wix for every type of website. Websites that require advanced features might be better off using Wordpress which I have also used for certain clients.

Will I have to pay a monthly fee to keep my website operating?

Yes. Every website requires hosting fees (paid monthly or yearly). When your website is built using Wix you will be paying the hosting fees directly to Wix. You can see Wix's pricing plans here.

Why should I choose West Bend Marketing Co?

West Bend Marketing Co. was originally founded with the sole purpose of helping small and local businesses get online with a beautiful and professional website as quickly as possible and at a price they can afford. I have over 12 years of experience building and optimizing websites and managing digital marketing campaigns for everything from small local restaurants to mega-corporations like Johnson & Johnson, TD Canada Trust & L'Oreal. Growing up in an entrepreneurial family with small customer-facing businesses, my drive has always been to help the little guy and ensure the customer is always happy. 

Do I have to supply the copy for my website?

My base rate includes editing of existing content. However, if you need help writing it, that can also be arranged for an additional fee in which case you would only need to supply point-form notes.

Why would I pay someone to build me a Wix site when I can do it myself?

I highly recommend that everyone tries to build their Wix site themselves! I think it's a ton of fun and you might enjoy it too! Having said that, there are a couple of reasons you might want to hire someone to do it for you:

1. It can be a major time-suck for someone who hasn't used the tool before and paying someone to do it might end up costing you less than the opportunity cost of building it yourself.

2. It's easy to make your site look good using Wix's templates but there is more to a successful website than making it look good. You also have to think about the user experience, SEO, optimizing images for fast page load and information architecture (site navigation, getting people to where they need to be on the site so they can get the answers they are looking for). Without these elements you risk losing people before they can learn how awesome your business is! 

3. As I said, it's fairly easy to build a good-looking site using one of Wix's templates but if you don't have experience building a website you run the risk of it looking like many others out there. When I use Wix I keep the template elements that the client likes and then add some new elements and features to make it look different and fresh. This is much harder to do if you don't have experience building and designing websites.

Can I hire you to build my site if I do not have branding yet?

Absolutely! For an additional fee I can work with you to create a colour scheme and font selection that works for your business. If you don't have a logo please see the next question below.

Can you design a logo for my business?

Yes and No. I am not a logo designer, however I am a problem-solver. The number one problem I solve is getting small businesses online without them having to spend a small fortune. So, I can work with you to design a very simple logo (wordmark with some simple lines, shapes etc.) but I do not create custom original designs. Many small businesses don't have the money to spend on original artwork (especially in the early days) so this option suits them fine. 

Have more questions? Feel free to book a discovery chat with me.